Night Sky Artwork

In a past article I had said I would show you painting I did with texture and effects. I am writing now to full fill that promise. The project I worked on was actually more of a request from someone. I had taken a picture of the night sky while in Colorado, and when showing it to a friend, he had liked it so much he wanted a painting of it to hang in his bathroom. Here I am going to show how I created this night sky artwork upon request, using my translucent effect paint with it.

Items Used

Now this took few supplies to create, one of the great things about the night sky, is it is pretty dark. Either way I will still give you the pull list of items I used for the piece.

  • 8×10 canvas
  • black liquetix paint
  • white liquetix paint
  • translucent effect paint

I mixed the black and white together to get the different shades of gray that had to be used in the clouds.

Getting Started

Now I was going off of a reference photo, that I am putting below so that you can see what I was creating this week.

I hope with the photo you can see why I chose to use the translucent gel on this. To me it just seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I started by painting the whole canvas black mix with the translucent gel. After letting, it dry I went back over with the black and gel again mix with just a little of white to get that slighting lighter black of the sky compared to the mountain. Then I did the black alone for the mountain line. Filling it in with the black, before placing those few white lines in the bottom right-hand corner. Next I did the white mix with the gel for the moon. Just doing a simple circle for it, for now.

Now comes the fun part, the clouds!


This is something that I found to be a bit difficult. Getting the right whites and gray and all that contrast in there took some real time. The best thing I found for me to do was to begin with the white on the edges and work my way in slowly adding some premixed gray and black when needed.

I did the very outer edge clouds first since they seemed to be the most straight forward. They also gave me an idea of how to space out the rest of the clouds. I will admit, that I was still a little off with them. Doing the smaller detail is not my strong suit, but something I have enjoyed practicing more.

After the outer clouds I started with the white on the cloud right above the moon. Doing the white edges first and moving in to the center with gray. It was a lot of back and forth with colors trying to match them as well as I could. After some frustration, I started working on the cloud along the mountain line. Then to the one on the left of the moon. Getting the right fades from white to gray to black took me some time, but in the end it was worth it.

Finishing Touches

Before all the paint dried for the clouds, I went in with the black and tried to add those tiny spaces between the clouds. Since I was look at the photo on my phone, I am sure I have probably missed a little, but when seeing the finished product I think it turned out alright. After letting, it all dry is when I went back with the translucent gel and just a hint of white to add in those beams of light coming off the moon. With how the gel sits when using it alone, is the reason why I thought it was perfect for this particular piece of art.

I also used the gel to add the little of light flare around the moon and on the three lines in the bottom right-hand corner. The gel really was the perfect thing for all the finishing touches to try to capture how beautiful the sky was that night.

Finished Product

I haven’t decided if I wan to go back and do more to this piece, or if I will leave it the way it is, so I haven’t put a deal over it yet. I did think it would be good to show you how it is now, and if you have any opinions on it I would gladly take them.

In different lighting, the gel can give off slightly different colors as in the bottom photo you can see a little of red at the bottom. I can assure you I did not have any red paint in the painting, but I did have a red blanket on my lap, that is what that would be from. I have another picture with the same effect on it only stronger, I just felt the need to explain first that it will reflect other colors in certain lighting.


This was a great project to take on for myself, and really pushed me to work more with details, which I am not used to. I think the whole point of having a craft is to work on it and push yourself to do more with it, making this an enjoyable piece to create. I would love any feed back on it, what would you have tried differently? Do you think the translucent gel was right for this piece? Let me know it the comments, I always love to hear from my readers.

4 thoughts on “Night Sky Artwork”

  1. Hey there, 

    You’ve done a really great job here and it’s really a great reflection of the original photo. You’ve used your creativity well and come up with a wonderful painting for your friend. I haven’t done a whole lot of painting myself, but my girlfriend is always dragging me along to art exhibitions so I have an appreciation of art and the ability to express oneself throgh painting.

    Great stuff and keep up the great work


    1. Hi Paul,

      Thank you so much, I am so glad you enjoyed it, having an appreciation for art is just as important as creating it, in my opinion at least. It sounds like your girlfriend and I have something in common though. I am always dragging my boyfriend to art exhibitions as well. His appreciation for art is slowly growing from it I like to think. 


  2. I love your site! I have always admired those who can paint.  Going through your painting step by step was helpful. Maybe some of us who wish we could, will pick up that paint brush and try painting. 

    What kind of a brush do you use? This is where I stumble, what brush for what stroke. 

    Using a photo to inspire is great. 

    Great Site for artsy inspiration.


    Diversified Nana

    1. Hi Denise! 

      I am so glad you like my site, that brings a huge smile to my face, thank you! My only hope with it is to inspire others to try painting or any kind of creating if that is something they have wanted to do.

      Now brushes can be tricky, honestly that gave me a lot of trouble when I started out, so I know exactly where you are coming from. 

      For this piece I used synthetic brushes, the really soft tips, I used one large flat tip for the back ground colors and a rounded tip for the curves of the mountain and clouds. I used a small flat tip to help fill in colors, and a little pointed round tip for the even smaller details or to correct any mistakes I made. 

      With all the different brushes out there it can be difficult to know where to start. My best advise, is what I did to figure it out. I went and bought a little cheap variety pack of probably about 20 brushes and I tested each one out with some paint on a canvas to see what it did going into every direction. I googled some things, but I would always forget by the time I got to painting, so that is what worked best for me. It took me a while to understand them all, but over time I found favorites that I could use for just about anything. 

      I hope this has helped you, and Thank You again. 


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