How to Find Inspiration for Art! – Part 2

I am back again to share some new methods of finding your inspiration! Last time I went over music, exercise, meditation and a nap! If those didn’t work for you, or maybe you have used them too many times and could use some more methods. We all know that you can never have too many ways to get past that creative block! So without further a dew, lets dive in!

Method One: Road Trip!!

What’s a better way to set your mind free, than to set your self free! Honestly, this one always works for me. No matter how far I go, or how long I am gone, I always find inspiration when I get out of town for a bit. Sometimes it is just driving to another state where I have family, or to another city to check out their sites. Heck even a trip into my own city to explore can sometimes do the trick, but personally if it isn’t at least a couple hours, I can’t consider it a road trip.

So off you go! go hit the road! Grab some friends, play some music, head to the beach or something for the night. Camp out somewhere, or even stay in a motel and explore the surrounding area in the morning. Whatever it is, I find just getting out of town for a bit, can really help get those juices flowing. I mean, we all need a change of scenery now and then.

Method II: Change Up Your Work Space!

You ever get tired of staring at the same stuff in the same place all the time! Maybe you don’t even realize it. It gets old just like your ideas. At least that’s what I think. I like to change up my space at least every three months. Am I a little crazy….yes, BUT, seeing everything in a new order makes it feel like a new place, bringing with it new ideas. Maybe changing it up just once a year for you will do the trick, maybe once a week. It’s up to you to decided if that would work for you. All I am saying is try it! The next time you have some spare time, just move a few things around. It doesn’t have to be everything like I do, or even the big stuff. Try moving a few pictures around, or your knick-knacks, just something to make it feel like a different room.

One thing that also helps, is occasionally I will just take my pictures down for a few days, and stare at the blank space before re arranging them. I have been told, that for some artist, having blank space to stare at will give you an idea of what you would want to fill it with. Which for me is usually something I don’t have, so new idea! woo!

Method C: Visit an Art Fair!

I mean who can’t get inspiration by going and viewing another persons art? I feel that seeing what others are doing can put that spark back in your heart for something new. Maybe you will see something that you want to try, like a certain style, or technique you haven’t tried before. I’ve been to a few fairs, and have participated in a few as well, and I will say, talking with other artist has always inspired me to go home and get to creating again.

There are so many local art fairs that happen everywhere, I am sure you can find one. I usually get notifications on Facebook when one gets posted, or when one of my other friends is planning on going to one. Then there is always the bigger events that have everything and not just art. Like the Rodeo or Renaissance. Places like that always have some kind of art somewhere. At least the ones around my self do, if you are outside of Texas, than I am sorry that I don’t know for certain on that one.

If you can’t go out to a local show, or are having trouble finding one, the next best thing I can think of, is google, YouTube, art books. You have all of it at your finger tips! Or find something like Painting with a Twist, a place that will teach you how to do something new. I even do those classes with friends and family sometimes just for fun, and they always have so many paintings hanging around. It’s like a mind field of inspiration!

Method 4: Get silly!

You probably think I am off my rocker by this point. I swear this helps though! There is so much to stress over in life, between work, home, school, family, life in general. It is good to just be silly for a while! Go get some dart guns and have a war in the house with your kids, significant other, or house mates. Blast some music and dance like no one is watching. Play dress up! Anything that you haven’t done in a while because you “grew up”.

Personally, I like to build forts. I don’t know who ever said as an adult, you can’t build forts, but I think that should always be a thing. The point I am getting at, is that you can’t take yourself too seriously when you are creating something! We may be putting more pressure on ourselves more than we even know at the time. That is why I say, when the ideas stop flowing, go have some fun! Get Silly! If you think it won’t help, just try it! How do you know if you haven’t tried? As children, we are creative and full of life and ideas, and at some point while growing up, that all goes away for most of us. This is all about getting back to your roots, you could say. Tap into your inner child and see what they have for you!

My Recent Method

If you read my last article, Photography and fun, then you already know, it was a ROAD TRIP!! Let me tell you it was long over due! Usually I take one at least every other month. Before this last trip, it had been about 4-5 months since my last one. You could say it was long over due for me, but I did have to make the time for it. For others and for myself. It was Much needed and very humbling to go visit some place so beautiful even if it was a short trip. There is no set amount of time you have to travel. I had some people tell me it wasn’t worth it to go for such a short time, but there are always going to be naysayers. I say, do what makes you happy! Do what helps you! You do you, and let others worry about themselves. They don’t have to agree, for it to be the right thing for you.


I sincerely hope this has helped you some. I am always looking for new ways to inspire you and help you do what makes you happy! Let me know what inspires you! What helps you get past your creative blocks? Did any of this help you? Or are you going to try some of it? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from my readers! If you have tried something different let me know and you may see it in the next article on inspiration!

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  1. I feel the same way about my work space. I change it every couple of month because I get tired of seeing everything the same day after day. Changing it up kind of tricks my mind into thinking it’s something new and I feel ready to take on my tasks. 

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