D.I.Y Painted Mason Jars

I started a fun little project last year with some friends that never got finished, so I figured it would be a great little thing to get done. It was a little D.I.Y painted mason jars! The original idea came from and old Facebook video one of my friends had watched online, on how to paint the jars and add little dinosaurs to the top of them. I could not find the original video, and it had been so long since I had watched it, I figured I would just go my own way with it now.

What You Need

  • Masons jars ( any size will do)
  • Spray Paint
  • Plastic cups’
  • Decorative items ( I used dinosaurs)
  • Hot glue gun

I used the same spray paint colors that I used in my last project spray paint canvas art, the magenta, orange, blue, white and black.

What Was Already Done

Like I said, this was started a year ago, though we didn’t get very far. We were not sure if it would be better to stick the dinosaurs on the lids before or after spray painting them, so we tried both. We started with making sure the flat pieces were securely glued to the rim of the lid. Then we hot glued a few little dinos to the lids, let them dried, then painted them. This was the way we found out that the dinos would eventually fall off, or be knocked off easily. Then we tried spray painting the dinos and lids separately before gluing them on. At least that is what we were going to do before we ran out of time that day, and never got back to it. Now a year later, after moving cities, I figured I would go ahead and finish the project myself.

Picking Up Where We Left Off

Fast forwarding to now, I was thinking now is as good a time as any to finish this project. I started with spray painting the jars this time, since the majority of the lids were done already. I wanted to give each jar a different look and try out a couple different ways of painting them. I did three at a time, spraying some white paint into a plastic cup, then using my fingers, I would dip them in the paint and flick them into the jars to create a splattered look. After that I went over it with the other colors. One blue, one orange and one magenta.

On the next three, I tried just spraying inside of it with two different colors. Alternating after each spray. This created a nice mix, and a different kind of speckled look. I used the blue with the white, magenta with the white, and the orange with the white. If you can tell, I really like mixing the colors with the white, I think it helps make the colors pop.

The next thing I tried, was spraying all the colors in stripes down the inside of the jar. I placed the nozzles up to the lip of the jars and sprayed till there was a streak going from top to bottom. It happens fast, so be careful. I did this with each color right next to each other, till it went around the entire jar. This is where I figured out that you could swirl the jars and the paint would do this really cool mixture thing, and that it will also turn into this awful green, gray color if there is too much in there. It is all trial and error, but if you do it just right, it comes out really well.

Next I did a few black jars. I used some of the same techniques. Using my finger to flick white on the inside of one, then doing black behind it. On another I alternated spraying black and white, then shook it back and forth upside down, making them blend together to add a nice gray between the black and white. I tried alternating them again, and swirling it instead of shaking it, and it does pretty much the same thing. Next I used the black with orange, since it was the week of Halloween, I figured it would be a good mix. I was half right. When using these two colors together, they will get muddy looking real quick, I would advise to use a little paint at a time and not shaking the jar too much.

Spray The Lids

I had just three lids left needing sprayed. I placed some red solo cups’ upside down, and placed the lids on top of them so they didn’t stick to anything. This also made it easier to get good coverage of color on them. Doing it this way allows you to turn the cup without touching the lid and risking finger prints or smudges, and allows them to dry without sticking to the ground or anything else you may place them on. I then used the white with my fingers to flick over them so that they would match the jars. I only did this with the blue, magenta and orange, since the others were already done, I didn’t feel like going back and changing them just yet.

*Don’t forget to paint your decoration if you are doing so! Mine was already done from the year before.

Hot Glue Time

I gave everything the night to dry, and went back to it the next day when it was safe to move them inside. While I let my hot glue gun heat up, I laid out all the jars and lids and little dinos to see what all I had to do. Some dinos had fallen off their lids that were done earlier, and others were still waiting to go on.

I started with making sure that the flat parts were glued into the rim of the lid well. This part is up to you on if you want to do it though. Since I was placing the dinos on the top, it was necessary for me. Now some of them were done and didn’t need this done. The three lids I had to spray were already done. The best way to do it, would be to put a few dots of glue around the edge, then spread it around using the tip of the glue gun till you havea good coverage. Immediately place that flat piece in there and hold it for about 15 seconds. Then set it aside to do the next. I recommend getting that part done before going to the next step.

Next is the dinos! Now keep in mind, mine were already painted from the year before. I just put a tiny dot of paint on each foot, and placed it where I wanted it. Now when you are pressing it down, it is best to hold the lid in your hand and press from the under side of the flat part, while holding from the top. Don’t place it on the table to do this, or you risk separating the flat part from the rim. Then repeat with every lid.

That is it!

This is a super easy and quick project to do that doesn’t cost too much. It helped that I had done part of it a year prior, but even still it goes go fast. The longest part of it is waiting on things to dry. These make good gifts, or for storing items. I plan on using mine for the countless tiny tubes of paints I have lying around and paint brushes, and I will still have enough to give to the girls I started the project with originally. Lord Knows I don’t need all these jars.

Let me Know what you think of this project in the comments! Is this something you will try? What will you decorate yours with and what colors would you use? If you have any questions let me know and I will be happy to clear anything up.

This is when I learned why I was missing a lid. I had used one of the Random mason jars that didn’t come in the pack with all the others.


4 thoughts on “D.I.Y Painted Mason Jars”

  1. I have always been a lover of art and D.I.Y projects. I myself am into making things at home, one of which is candles. I think D.I.Y mason jars are genius, they can come in so handy around the home and lets not forget that they make a great decoration. Thanks so much for sharing the steps with us so that we can make these beautiful jars at home. Love your website.

  2. Great and amazing work .Kudos to you for coming up with such an excellent work, I can say this is pure work of genius and dedication, did it take you a lot of time to complete all this?  Is there any alternative to mansion jars.if I want to enroll for an online lesson about how to go about this, will you be free to put me through?

    1. Thank you so much! It really didn’t take to long to do them all. Maybe 45 minutes to paint them all, and even less time to do the little dragon toppers on the lids. They didn’t take to long to dry either, which was great compared to some of my other paintings that could take a whole day to dry. As far as alternatives go, you could do probably do anything that is glass or see through. And sadly I don’t know any specifics on online classes, but if you ever have any questions on a project I am always happy help via email. I can always be reached at mckenzie@paintatrocity.com 

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