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Welcome to Paint Atrocity, where all artist are welcome! Here you can find different ideas, or share your own. Here everyone is an expert. Art is all about expression, and getting the image in your head out on to a medium. Rather, it is painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, ceramics, or even carpentry and architecture. All mediums are welcome. I will be sharing my own creations, how I did them, where I got the materials, and everything leading up to the finished product. In time, I would like to interview other artist I come across as well. I will share their stories and how they got to where they are, and maybe how they did one of their favorite pieces. It is my hope that this page will grow, and flourish into something that all artist can come to enjoy.



My name is McKenzie Durham, I am 25, and I create art as an escape. Granted I have sold some paintings, and been paid for some photo shoots, I do not consider myself a professional artist by any means. What I do is for fun. All my life I have been involved in the arts in some fashion. Though for the most part I was always afraid, or intimidated by others and their master pieces. It took me until I was 20 to realize that I didn’t have to create for anyone else but myself. When I finally got over the fear of what others may think, is when I began to flourish as an artist. Though painting was never my first, or second or even third choice of medium for creating, it certainly became one of my favorites.

What it took for me was being sent to a therapist, to figure out my fears, and why they were that way, and then finally to work to over come them. He had asked me one day, if there was something I had ever wanted to do, but was afraid of doing, and it was painting. He had encouraged me to go and buy some paint and just sit and create the first thing that came to mind. At first this seemed silly and pointless. I knew it wouldn’t come out well, so what was the point? Until I actually did it! The point wasn’t to paint for anyone else, but myself. I must have sat in the same place for hours, listening to music, and painting till my hearts content. Of course, I did not create any master pieces at that time, and still haven’t, but the joy just from doing something for myself was enough to be hooked.

Since that time in my life, I have gone on to create many more paintings, to the point to where I have no room to put them anywhere anymore, despite some being sold. I do not advertise them, but if someone comes to my house and wants to buy one, I do not tell them no. I also do not put a price on them. I only take what they think it is worth as a donation to another piece. A creation can be worthless to one person, and worth the world to another. Since all my art is created for the fun of it, I couldn’t dream of charging too much for anything.


I have always been told that I am too nice, or that I let people walk all over me, and that I need to learn to say no or whatever. Honestly though. I just love to help people. My entire life that is all I have ever wanted to do, but haven’t really known how. Though now, I know I want to help others to get over their fears of creating. This is to start small of course. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as some say. The turning point for me, was when I picked up painting and discovered something new about myself. My hope, is to give that back to someone else. We all have fears, we all doubt ourselves, and we all could use some help occasionally to break those fears.


I am here to encourage you, to help you, to do whatever I can to help future or current artist. Give ideas, share experiences, show any and all kinds of art I come across, to prove that no one way is the right way. The goal is to help you feel confident in your art. To help you realize, that the only opinion that matters is yours, and even if someone says something negative, they are but one drop in an ocean of collective drops. One by their self is not important. When it comes to your art, you are the ocean of ideas and they are merely a seagull flying up above, pooping on anything they pass by. Annoying, a little gross, but all you can do it wash it off and keep going.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

McKenzie D.


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